we found freedom.

we found grace.

I Wasn’t Sure I Even Wanted To Be Sober

When I moved into the Grace House in April 2015, I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to be sober. My external circumstances and inevitable consequences of using brought me to a place where I had to seek out recovery housing. I didn’t know what to look for, but one thing I knew was that a friend of mine was sober and that her parents owned recovery houses in the area. What I was looking for was a place to live — but what I found in the Grace House was far more than that. The Shobers treated me like family when I didn’t have a relationship with my own family. The women that I’ve met are some of my strongest supports today. The Grace House truly saved my life and aided me in creating a beautiful new life for myself.

Alyssa, Sober Since 2015

A Woman Of Grace & Dignity

When I was first moved into the Grace House in June of 2016, I did not realize how blessed my life would become and change for the better. It’s easy to get sober but staying sober can be the challenging part. This is where not only the ladies of the Grace House but the Shober family themselves taught me how to love myself and to be a woman of grace and dignity. The Grace House taught me self- discipline, self-care, structure, and many other facets of life that I chose to ignore due to my addiction and self-esteem issues. Life today is an amazing journey!! My recovery comes first and foremost in my life because without it I would lose everything. I will continue to fight and utilize my tools that were so freely given to me on a daily basis.

Celeste, Sober Since 2016

Exactly What I Needed To Navigate Early Sobriety

I moved to Grace House in March 2016 as suggested by the rehab center. I went for severe alcohol addiction. The structure that was provided, the nurturing staff and the support of other women at GH were just what I needed to navigate the early months of sobriety. I became an active member of AA, completed probation, started a career and mended relationships with family all in the 13 months I lived at the Grace House. Today, I am still heavily involved in AA, have a loving and supportive family in my life and I’m able to live comfortably on my own, alcohol and drug-free. Grace House and the Shober Family continue to be ongoing support for me for which I am forever grateful!

Erin, Sober Since 2016

I Learned Humility & Accountability

At 40 years old I found myself back in treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. That was 6 years ago, and I knew I had to change everything in order to change and to stay sober. I was so grateful to find The Grace House and lived in the women-only sober residence close to where I was in treatment. I had nowhere else to go. I lived in the houses for 4 months, learned how to communicate with others, live with other women trying to stay sober, and how to be humble and accountable for my actions. I was able to get stronger and stronger at the Grace House and now 6 years later have started a successful business and stay close to the members, alumni, and founders of the Grace House. It saved my life.

-Aimee, Sober Since 2014