For Residents

Moving into the Grace House

We know that moving into a women’s sober house in Lancaster or Berks County can seem overwhelming. That’s why we are here to make it a less stressful experience. We’ve put together this list so you know exactly what to pack and bring with you for your stay.

Please review and share this information with your family/contacts before moving into the Grace House.

What to Bring: An initial minimum payment for one month, at a reduced rate of 550.00, is required prior to or upon immediate entry of the house. 

  • Linens: twin sheets, blankets, comforter, pillows, and towels.
  • Toiletries and other personal items.
  • Food
  • Television, if desired. Each bedroom has a connection for a cable. A house television is available in the common area(s).

We love our residents and have a few Grace House Rules. You’ll find them to be pretty straightforward. These remarks are helpful for getting settled. Be sure to scroll down to see the Rules & Expectations when you are living in the Grace House.

Be good neighbors: Residents of Grace House should be quiet, clean and courteous in the neighborhood. It is never necessary to discuss the specific nature of your residency with anyone outside of the house. You are simply a resident of a rental property.

Tips For Parking:

At the Akron House: A single car can park in the driveway. All other cars must be parked on the street.

At the Ephrata House: Three cars can park on the left side and two against the garage. Do not park in the middle of the driveway; it limits parking for other residents. Please do not leave a disabled or otherwise unused vehicle in the driveway or directly in front of the house.

At the Wernersville House: A single car can park in the driveway. All other cars must be parked on the street.

Our Contact information: (please put these numbers in your contacts)

  • Grace Shober House Manager/Intake Coordinator 717-715-3002
  • Colleen Elliott House Manager 717-481-0263
  • Kathleen Shober House Manager/Financial Coordinator 717-682-7439 (contact for payments)

Something We Want You To Remember: Grace House is a Sober Living Environment for women who are motivated in their recovery. We are here to provide extra structure and support in the beginning phases of your recovery and to help you succeed. Everything we do is for YOU!

Weekly Payment


Monthly Payment



Once You’re All Settled:                                                                                                                        Accountability: weekly Pre-House and House Meetings, weekly schedules, drug testing, documentation of following a 12 Step AA/NA Program, completion of Outpatient Program, attending House Events, accountability for following all house rule.                                                                                                                                                                        House Meetings: House Meetings are mandatory and start promptly. Pre-House Meetings will occur before each House Meeting. Residents are required to attend weekly House Meeting on Tuesdays at 4pm.                 

Visitors: The Grace House is for you and the other residents only. We do not allow visitors into the Grace House. Management will use discretion when family members are initially helping residents upon arrival.  Absolutely no MALE Visitors are allowed on Grace House Property at any time.                                                                                                      

Chores: must be completed and maintained. Absolutely no food or drinks (water permitted) allowed in bedrooms. Residents will be tested weekly and randomly. Rooms may be inspected by management and designated, responsible resident                                                                          

Expectations: Residents must actively be working a 12-step recovery program: obtain a sponsor, a home group and be actively involved in service work.                                                                                                               

Any questions pertaining, to any of the rules and procedures, please contact House Management for clarification.                                        

All rules are at management discretion. Rules are implemented to provide a guideline for solid sobriety and a safe living environment. Do not ask management to bend the rules. Payments must be made on time. Overnight procedures and the curfew will be strictly adhered to.                                                          

Concerns, pertaining to your house of residency, should first be discussed with House President. If the concern pertains to the House President or cannot be resolved please contact management.                                           

Violation of rules may result in dismissal or loss of privileges until infraction is resolved by resident.

Welcome, Grace House Lady. Take this moment in time to follow the true spirit of recovery. We are so happy to have you as part of our family.

The Shober Family