Our Houses

We provide safe, convenient, and highly sought-after sober living for women in Lancaster County. We have the only sober homes for women outside of the city in both Ephrata and Wernersville, PA. We serve women who’ve been in treatment at The Retreat in Lancaster and Caron Foundation in Wernersville, as well as other surrounding treatment centers.

The two women’s sober Grace Houses in Lancaster County are conveniently located in country settings, but within driving distance to the city. They are both surrounded by AA meeting locations in Lancaster as well.

We have one Sober Home in Berks County, Pa. It is located in Wernersville and is conveniently located off of Penn Avenue where there is a bus route and many job opportunities.

If you are looking for a beautiful recovery setting for yourself or a loved one, your mom, sister, daughter, aunt, best friend… you’ll love the Grace House. Getting sober isn’t easy, but when you have the support and accountability of a sober house, it increases your chances of staying sober. We believe in community and know that sobriety happens when people get together.

The Main House

202 E Main Street, Ephrata, PA 17522

A beautiful Victorian Style home in Ephrata, PA with comfy decor, in-house meetings, opportunities for local employment and close to AA meetings.

The Ephrata House

401 East Fulton Street Ephrata, PA 17522

Beautiful home in a small quiet town. There are two single rooms, one double room, and a triple room.

The Wernersville House

56 Bucks Street Wernersville, PA 19565

Adorable bungalow style home with 1 single room, 2 double rooms and 1 triple room